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DiStar Industries, LLC is a family owned metal fabrication business located in Columbus Nebraska. We have invested in technology to match the demands of our customers. As a result, we have diverse capabilities and modern, productive equipment. Our ability to perform multiple operations, and provide turnkey solutions is important to today’s JIT demands.

DiStar Industries has provided quality service and products to many industries including: Medical, Food Service, Commercial Construction, Agriculture, Transportation, and Manufacturing.

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Constant beam length, high speed cutting, automatic set-up, lower running costs. Process sheets up to 5 feet by 10 feet:

Mild Steel 1.00”in (25.4 mm)
Stainless Steel 0.500”in (12.7 mm)
Aluminum 0.375”in (9.5 mm)

Water Jet

6 Axis Omax Water Jet

• A-Jet 60 degree bevel feature x 360 degrees.
• Versatility to cut any materials from stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, steel, hardened steel, titanium, fiberglass, foam, plastics and even glass.
• No warping or misconfiguration of material from heat like other cutting processes.
• X-Y Cutting Travel: 13’ 4” x 6’ 8”
• The Rotary Axis is a robust, water resistant rotary head that allows the waterjet to cut XYZ paths to create complex 3D parts. Beveled edges, angled sides, and countersinks.

Press Brake

Accurpress Edge 250 Ton 12’ Hydraulic Press Brake

• Direct Programmable Vision controller. (See Video)
• CNC Auto crowning and accuracy makes it possible for DiStar to bend and form your parts with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability which makes our part production runs extremely efficient and cost effective.
• Ability to see the part from its original flat pattern blank, through its bend sequence all the way to your finished part. This gives us the ability to bend and form parts quickly and accurately but most importantly removes costly errors.
• Ability to bend many types of materials from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, mild steel, copper and some types of polycarbonates.
• Wila Premium Tooling. Multiple punch profiles available as well as V dies with openings from ¼” all the way to 3” on hand to bend many types of materials and thicknesses.
• “Elite” 6 axis Backgauge for multiple, complex bending on press.



• Capable of welding stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.
• Services are available both at our shop and on site depending on the welding application.

Metal Finishing

• DiStar has the ability to deburr, clean or put a custom finish on your production or prototype parts.
• DiStar has a variety of different handheld shop tools such as our Walter finishing sanders, rotary files, and pedestal grinders, to clean, finish and blend welds.
• The DM1100 C performs edge rounding and removes sharp edges on both external and internal contours of stainless steel, steel or aluminum parts. This machine works parts of different dimensions including products as small as 2” x 2” and widths up to 43”.
• Surfox electrochemical cleaning system, which facilitates the cleaning of MIG, TIG and spot welds, without altering the surface of the parent material. The industry's safest and fastest MIG & TIG weld cleaning system & small part electro-polishing.

Other Services

• CNC Machining
• Assembly
• Installation
• Design

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